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, James 1740-1795.
British lawyer, diarist, and writer renowned as Samuel Johnson's biographer.

Bos·well′i·an adj. & n.
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The final fifteen years of Whitman's life get about a page each as the annual Lincoln lectures give way to a growing and enthusiastic cohort of disciples, and finally the last years punctuated by birthday bashes for the old bard and Traubel's pestering Boswellian presence.
Russo is indeed fortunate to have found such a critic-overseer, but Powell's book is less a Boswellian triumph than a deserved analysis of a gifted writer's work.
There is my "Mailer Log," a Boswellian kind of record of Mailer's last three years.
Yet Boswell leapt to the defense of even this claim, knowing "how much it may be ridiculed in an age when mankind are so fond of incredulity." This was precisely what made Paoli, or for that matter Johnson, a Boswellian hero: resistance to a world that had steeped too long in moral and epistemological uncertainty.
His fanatical and uncritical acceptance of Boswellian themes does not serve Boswell's memory well.
The local teams eagerly play catch, in the Boswellian spirit, with these sons and daughters of the educational enterprise: each of the major franchises in the region supports student internships and participates in academic panels hosted by these programs.
SCAMMELL: A modern example of a well-done Boswellian biography that I greatly admire is Gerald Clarke's life of Truman Capote, which appeared in 1988.