Botany Bay

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Bot·a·ny Bay

An inlet of the Tasman Sea in southeast Australia south of Sydney. It was visited by Capt. James Cook in 1770 and named by Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist in his crew, for the exotic flora found on its shores. The first British penal colony in Australia was established here briefly in 1788 before relocating to present-day Sydney.

Botany Bay

1. (Placename) an inlet of the Tasman Sea, on the SE coast of Australia: surrounded by the suburbs of Sydney
2. (Placename) (in the 19th century) a British penal settlement that was in fact at Port Jackson, New South Wales

Bot′any Bay′

a bay on the SE coast of Australia, near Sydney.
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He first cast anchor at Botany Bay, visited the Friendly Isles, New Caledonia, then directed his course towards Santa Cruz, and put into Namouka, one of the Hapai group.
In short, at the moment in which she has just obtained from Richelieu a carte blanche by the means of which she is about to take vengeance on her enemy, this precious paper is torn from her hands, and it is D'Artagnan who holds her prisoner and is about to send her to some filthy Botany Bay, some infamous Tyburn of the Indian Ocean.
Having folded and sealed all, and stamped them with sham postmarks -- New Orleans, Bengal, Botany Bay, or any other place a great way off- I set out, forthwith, upon my daily route, as if in a very great hurry.
Good-morning, my dear,' said the principal, addressing the young lady at the bar, with Botany Bay ease, and New South Wales gentility; 'which is Mr.
Grimworth would have people coming from Botany Bay to settle in it, if things went on in this way.
In the strife of ferocious parties, human nature always finds itself cherished; as the children of the convicts at Botany Bay are found to have as healthy a moral sentiment as other children.
I had indeed, my dear,' said Mrs Nickleby; 'not including your poor papa, or a young gentleman who used to go, at that time, to the same dancing school, and who WOULD send gold watches and bracelets to our house in gilt-edged paper, (which were always returned,) and who afterwards unfortunately went out to Botany Bay in a cadet ship--a convict ship I mean--and escaped into a bush and killed sheep, (I don't know how they got there,) and was going to be hung, only he accidentally choked himself, and the government pardoned him.
If everybody got their deserts, Bulstrode might have had to say his prayers at Botany Bay.
Anna Shurapey from Sydney's southwest became the first shark attack victim in Botany Bay in 25 years when she was attacked 20 metres from Congwong Beach on Friday night, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey said.
1788: A penal settlement was established in Botany Bay, Australia.
IN 1770 Marton's very own James Cook became the first European to make contact with the eastern coast of Australia landing at Botany Bay.
In Europe, Germany has the least expensive beaches according to the index, while Botany Bay in Kent offers the least expensive UK beach.