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[Obsolete Italian, from Arabic baṭāriḫ; see bottarga.]


n, pl -gos or -goes
(Cookery) a relish consisting of the roe of mullet or tunny, salted and pressed into rolls
[C15: from obsolete Italian, from Arabic butarkhah]
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The western Greece masterclass showcases marinated courgette ribbon salad with a citrus sauce, smoked eel and grated 'botargo' fish roe, followed by aromatic chicken meatballs in a classic tomato sauce on a bed of vegetables and feta cheese foam, finishing with Greek yoghurt, topped with grape spoon sweet and caramalised walnuts.
Led by a dynamic culinary duo -- Executive Chef Oscar La Fuente and Chef de Cuisine Robert Reinken -- the menu features items such as a New York Strip that has been dry-aged in Himalayan Salt, six unique crudos delivered fresh daily and a signature house-made gnocchi with jumbo lump crab and botargo.