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n.1.Same as Bothy.
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But you can stay in a bothie - a remote mountain hut - in Scotland, Wales and the north of England without paying a penny.
The year 1848 also saw the appearance of Clough's first major poem, The Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich (a bothie is a crofter's hut in Scotland), which drew on his memories of vacation reading parties to tell the story of a radical undergraduate who weds a crofters daughter and emigrates to New South Wales.
It begins by asking why The Bothie of Toper-na-Fuosich (1848) is so hard to read and argues that it is misguided to present the poem as a text with a clear 'thesis'.
His most celebrated poem, The Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich, tells the story of a reading party in the Highlands and an undergraduate's love affair with a shepherd's daughter.
Turn right and walk into the hamlet of Botts Green, with the Bothie, a fine old stone house, on your right.
Her treatment of The Bothie of Tober-Na-Vuolich is particularly strong, as is her characterization of it as probably the most openly politically committed of all Victorian poems.
Arnold did not like the manner of Clough's Bothie and said so, but he paid it a back-handed compliment by preferring it to extracts he had seen of Tennyson's Maud (CL 147).
Arnold's negative reaction to Clough's 1848 poem "The Bothie of Tober-Na-Fousich" exemplified his position that poetry should not be made political, and Evers discusses Arnold's frustration with the French poet Beranger's "seditious songs" as well (13).
She once brought Ranulph''s dog, a terrier named Bothie, to the ECHO offices for an interview, voiced by herself, through thought transference.
At the time of The Bothie, Clough had believed that the deep union of a loving couple, the radical undergraduate poet Philip Hewson and the crofter's daughter, Elspie Mackaye, could be a basis for marriage.
The Bothie at Botts Green, Over Whitacre near Coleshill is a listed sandstone house with 15th century origins and some pretty 'black and white'.