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A country of south-central Africa. Originally inhabited by the San and later (after the 18th century) by the Tswana, the region became a British protectorate as Bechuanaland (1885) and gained full independence in 1966. Gaborone is the capital and the largest city.

Bot·swa′nan adj. & n.
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Adj.1.Botswanan - of or pertaining to Botswana or the people of Botswana
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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 7, 2017-Kibo Mining to Acquire Botswanan Power Project in Shares Deal
The recommendations should assist the Government in prioritizing work to improve the long-term safety of the Botswanan public, radiation workers and the environment.
Last year a Botswanan and a couple of Russians were caught drink driving, a Libyan peddling drugs, and the South Sudan Embassy skipped [pounds sterling]83,000 in parking fines.
Global Banking News-October 19, 2017--Orange Money and Barclays to collaborate on Botswanan money transfer service
First National Bank features twice in our table through its Namibian and Botswanan operations.
Consequently, most African nationalities are still ranked in the second half of all participating states as nationalities of only Medium Quality: The Cape Verdean nationality ranked 86 in the QNI General Ranking, followed by South African (87), Ghanaian (89), Botswanan (91), and Gambian (94) nationalities.
But yesterday afternoon World Championship bosses, widely criticised for their treatment of the Botswanan star, decided to give him a break.
Video footage on Tuesday night showed Makwala was prevented from entering the warm-up track and Botswanan officials criticised the IAAF for their heavy-handedness and lack of communication over cases of norovirus, which have struck at the championships.
Video footage showed Makwala was prevented from entering the warm-up track and Botswanan officials criticised the IAAF for their heavyhandedness.
Walvis Bay Bulk Terminal, which is operated by South African transport conglomerate Grindrod, could handle Botswanan coal exports on the west coast.
The two plays in We Are All Blue by Botswanan American writer-performer Donald Molosi both began life as monodramas.
Peek Vision is now looking to the next phase of its school eye examination trials, with the app set to screen 300,000 students in Kenya before being put to the test in Indian and Botswanan schools.