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A country of south-central Africa. Originally inhabited by the San and later (after the 18th century) by the Tswana, the region became a British protectorate as Bechuanaland (1885) and gained full independence in 1966. Gaborone is the capital and the largest city.

Bot·swa′nan adj. & n.
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Adj.1.Botswanan - of or pertaining to Botswana or the people of Botswana
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It pointed the "vast experience" the former Botswanan president had to deal with the complex issues of governance and security matters in the youngest nation.
As of this year, Botswanan banks are required to adopt both Basel II and III regulations.
On screen she speaks with a Botswanan accent and wears a black bob wig.
The Botswanan central bank has announced that it has cut its interest rate.
It comes hot on the heels of a month-long training stint alongside Botswanan star Amos who invited the Scot out to join him in Potchefstroom ahead of the outdoor campaign.
The Botswanan, who finished second to Rudisha in London, had set the fastest time in the heats.
Botswanan midfielder Ofentse Nato, 24, has also joined Kolkata from South Africa's Mpumalanga Black Aces.
She persuaded her son to adapt Scots author Alexander McCall Smith's novels featuring Botswanan private detective Precious Ramotswe.
South African IT consulting firm Business Connexion (BCX) has acquired Botswanan point-of-sales (PoS) provider Ultimate Solutions, supporting the company s expansion strategy on the continent.
Described by Head as "an entirely romanticized and fictionalized history of the Botalaote tribe" (1104), the story offers an origin story of the migratory habits of this Botswanan ethnic group.
She normally puts on a Botswanan accent to play receptionist Winifred Tembe, but had to cultivate upper-class diction for Lady Catherine de Bourgh.
I did not see Christine coming," the Botswanan said with no hint of irony.