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The roe of mullet or tuna that is salted, dried, pressed, and usually served sliced or grated as a garnish. Also called botargo.

[Italian, from Arabic baṭāriḫ, pl. of baṭraḫ, ultimately from Greek tarīkhos, tarīkhon, dried salted fish, pickled fish (perhaps via Late Greek botarikhon : bo-; perhaps akin to Modern Greek avgo, egg from Greek ōion; see awi- in Indo-European roots + Greek tarīkhon, or alternatively via Coptic *pitarikhon, bottarga : pi-, masculine sing. definite article + *tarikhon, bottarga, from Greek tarīkhon).]


The dried and salted roe (eggs) of mullet and tuna. Used in Italian cooking.
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The Marquee Events Place peeps prepared this Supreme Wild Chilean Seabass sa "Tampipi" Pea Puree and Bottarga Filipina for Martha Stewart.
We started with Steamed Hokkaido sea urchin and lobster jelly followed with Bottarga powder and cold soba noodles-cold appetizers that conjured images of the sea.
Bubbles serve as a deft palate scrubber for fried foods like pommes frites with tapenade aioli and rosemary($8)and crispy Brussels sprouts with gulf bottarga and roasted cashew dip($12).
The restaurant highlights Gulf species such as mullet, snapper and soft-shell crabs and locally made products like Healthy Earth caviar and Cortez bottarga, dresses them with produce from a local farm and pairs them with wild boar east of 1-75.
Basically our intention was to open a new market for convenience food with this pack." In short: the company wanted the packaging for the squid, sea urchin bottarga, fi sh balls and cherry prawn crackers, as well as all the other tasty snacks to lift the products from the level of the conventional Taiwanese products and to present them attractively at the point of sale.
The Pesto Festival includes tempting a la carte dishes with house-made pesto together with fresh hand-crafted pasta, such as Busiate pasta with almond and basil pesto, Gnocchetti pasta with dried tomato pesto and Bottarga, Papperdelle pasta with fava beans pesto and asparagus or ricotta and spinach Tortelli with walnut sauce.
"Degustation" is a six-course meal, starting with scampi carpaccio with caviar avruga and bottarga and foie gras bonbon with rosemary mango tartare as an appetizer, followed by roasted lobster with strawberry arugula ravioli as a main dish.
He chose bottarga -- a delicacy of salted fish roe -- as a recurring ingredient in the menu as a sign of appreciation for the Phoenician culture, which introduced the practice of drying fish to Italy.
Meant to be shared, the Atlantiks menu will take guests on a journey of exceptional flavors throughout the Greek Island with dishes like grilled octopus with fava from Santorini, a roasted manouri cheese from Greneva with honey and bee pollen, black ink orzo with langoustines, crispy calamari and grey mullet bottarga from Messologgi, marinated sardines with crushed olives from Thassos Island, beef corfu sofrito, and semolina halva, a traditional Greek dessert, made with raisins, pine nuts, orange marmalade and Greek yogurt ice cream.
You can be pretty sure nobody has touched that." (This made me flash back to his slightly queasy-making description of his daughter's birth, "head corkscrewing out of the womb"--another first for a cookbook, I suspect.) His spaghetti alia Bottarga recipe features an alarmingly sappy little headnote: "After I fell in love with this dish on the Sardinian coast, I asked my father-in-law to show me how it's done.
In 1599 Lope appeared in botarga costume (inspired by the commedia dell'arte actor Estefanelo Bottarga) in festivities that marked the wedding of Phillip III.