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a.1.Having the nose bottle-shaped, or large at the end.
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Greater wonder than these, when a bottle-nosed person in a glazed hat had after some considerable hesitation ordered another glass of gin and water of the attendant potboy, and when Miss Abbey, instead of sending it, appeared in person, saying, 'Captain Joey, you have had as much as will do you good,' not only did the captain feebly rub his knees and contemplate the fire without offering a word of protest, but the rest of the company murmured, 'Ay, ay, Captain
We also saw a dozen Dolphins, both Common and Bottle-nosed, which are also being recorded by surveyors.
For the past 10 years, it s been a haven for 40 resident bottle-nosed dolphins which continue to flourish and breed and more than 200 dolphins that visit from Gulf St Vincent.
There was no news of him until 2002 when a bottle-nosed dolphin with similar marking to Freddie - and telltale scars - appeared off Weymouth, Dorset.
Silver Sands seaside holiday park in Lossiemouth is under new ownership and their stunning beachside location on the silver sands of the Moray Firth is perfect for a relaxing family getaway - keep an eye out for the bottle-nosed dolphins that cruise through the waters.
And this film's own scientific credentials come into question when it refers to bottle-nosed dolphins as porpoises, and the way it keeps calling St Thomas, St Thomas's - confusing it with the teaching hospital in London.
SIR - Earlier this year, there were widespread Press reports that Cardigan Bay's bottle-nosed dolphins had migrated to the waters of the Isle of Man.
Dubai A bottle-nosed baby will soon join the pod of five adult dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium.
He's also unusually large for a bottle-nosed dolphin.
Bottle-nosed dolphins often put in an appearance off Shell Island, but we were content to watch the pelicans skim across the water then recreate our own version of Hitchcock's The Birds by tossing up breadcrumbs to wheeling squadrons of seagulls.
As anyone who has witnessed Cllr Bradley and his arch-adversary Joe Anderson winding each other up until their heads turn purple will know, things can get a bit lively when all councillors descend on Dale Street to discuss motions calling for the release of Burmese political prisoners or the plight of the bottle-nosed dolphin, or other such locally important topics.
Brain Weights of Various Animals Animal Average Brain Weight (grams) adult human 1,350 bottle-nosed dolphin 1,500 camel 762 chimpanzee 420 dog (beagle) 72 giraffe 680 jaguar 157 SOURCE.