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n. pl.1.(Cookery) Small patties.
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After a moment's hesitation, Strickland scrambled to his feet, and together they went to the Bouchee de Pain, where the hungry are given a wedge of bread, which they must eat there and then, for it is forbidden to take it away; and then to the Cuillere de Soupe, where for a week, at eleven and four, you may get a bowl of thin, salt soup.
The Cuillere de Soupe and the Asile de Nuit were both closed to them, and their only sustenance was the wedge of bread which the Bouchee de Pain provided.
Apres presque deux decennies d'intervention en Afghanistan, Washington met les bouchees doubles pour arracher un accord politique avec les talibans avant l'election presidentielle afghane, prevue le 1er septembre, afin d'ouvrir la voie a un desengagement des troupes americaines.
A Taroudant, dans chaque bourgade, a titre d'exemple, on mettra les bouchees doubles pour donner a ces filieres de haute notoriete en matiere de suffisance alimentaire et d'exotisme attractif, tout l'eclat escompte.
In 2011, aside from pan de sal with baked ham, also served in various food stations were salmon and tuna sashimi, California maki, kani and tamago sushi, chef's pate with melba toast, vegetable sticks with dip in shot glass, fish and chips, bouchees with creamy shiitake and gorgonzola, chicken lollipop and bite-size cream cheese burger.
Avant meme les rassemblements de manifestations qui se preparent pour demain, dimanche, les rues du Caire etaient deja bouchees, du fait des queues devant les stations-services.
The body of this book, however, never serves a main dish, just more bouchees, even if very juicy and ofhigh quality.
Within the company's principal domestic markets of Belgium and France the main volume line is the range of traditional bouchees and volau-vents which come off the end of the continuous tunnel oven at a rate of 18,000 per hour.
The enticing hand-made milk chocolate rabbit bouchees are filled with praline, white chocolate, vanilla or hazelnuts.
The five items to choose from are Milka chocolate 300g; Milka hazlenut chocolate 300g; Cote d'Or Bouchees 8-pack; and Sugas Fruits 400g bag.
Cette militante met les bouchees doubles pour concilier ses obligations menageres et sa vocation militante, en tant qu'actrice politique et conseillere communale.