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 (bo͞o-shā′), François 1703-1770.
French artist whose paintings and tapestries are representative of the rococo style.


(French buʃe)
(Biography) François (frɑ̃swa). 1703–70, French rococo artist, noted for his delicate ornamental paintings of pastoral scenes and mythological subjects



François, 1703–70, French painter.
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Over the well of the staircase hangs a great chandelier with wax lights, which illumine a large eighteenth-century French tapestry - representing the Triumph of Love, from a design by Boucher that is stretched on the staircase wall.
It's from Boucher," he explained, "the fellow who took Packard's place.
It is an honor to be recognized by Canada's pre-eminent injury prevention organization," commented Boucher.
You will be out of here when she comes home,'' Mrs Boucher told the jury.
Boucher of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine suggests that the initial malfunction in cystic fibrosis disturbs regulation of the fluid lining the respiratory tract.
To his credit, Boucher recognizes this problem as well, and hopes soon to strike such provisions from the DMCA.
Boucher shows the error of Marguerite's desire for vengeance, and the way in which she allowed herself to be used as a pawn by both Henris, as well as by her younger brother, the Duc d'Alencon.
101communications (Chatsworth, CA) has closed two of the magazines it purchased from Boucher Communications (Fort Washington, PA) in 1999.
Boucher chairs the AICPA Tax Division's State & Local Taxation Technical Resources Panel.
Boucher declined to confirm whether Chinese workers are in Iraq to help upgrade its air defense system.
Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher when asked to comment on statements made by some local and international analysts saying the U.
NEW YOR (PAN): The US Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Boucher, has said that the Manas Air base in Kyrgyzstan is not only important for the region, but also for Afghanistan, where the US-led international community is fighting a war against terror.