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 (bo͞o-dĭk′ə) also Bo·ad·i·ce·a (bō′ăd-ĭ-sē′ə) First century ad.
Queen of ancient Britain who led a temporarily successful revolt against the Roman army that had claimed her deceased husband's kingdom.


(Biography) died 62 ad, a queen of the Iceni, who led a revolt against Roman rule in Britain; after being defeated she poisoned herself. Also called: Boadicea


(buˈdɪk ə)

died a.d. 62, ancient British Celtic queen. Also called Boadicea.
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Personalities in this latter category include Caesar's assassins, Brutus and Cassius, Queen of the Iceni, Boudica, and Antony and Cleopatra.
The event, named The Boudica Festival, which takes place on September 23 is set to highlight the disparities in the number of women working in the music industry.
ACCLAIMED North East actress Gina McKee is to play Queen Boudica in a major new production at Shakespeare's Globe, the replica theatre beside the Thames.
La nombraron con diferentes grafias pero de cierta manera parecida: Tacito la llamaba Boadicea, Dion Casio Buduica y Suetonio Boudica o Boudiga.
Cleopatra, Livia o Boudica serian algunos ejemplos.
In order to accomplish this, Huawei will release the world's first 3GPP-based NB-IoT commercial chip Boudica, a system on a chip (SoC) that features high level of integration and ultra low power consumption.
Boudica (widowed, two children) was the British warrior queen in 60 AD who gave the Romans a bloody nose for flogging her and gang raping her daughters.
All it needs is for Theresa May to sweep into Downing Street like Queen Boudica scything men down with her stilettos.
She's playing Celtic heroine Boudica in a major new series from the History Channel, Barbarians Rising, which charts the rise and fall of the Roman Empire through the people and tribes who fought back against them.
Experts say it reveals the rapid recovery of Roman London, burned a year earlier in a revolt by queen Boudica.
Subjects covered include Mary Queen of Scots, Boudica, Winston Churchill, Oliver Cromwell and William the Conqueror.
Boudica with her Iceni tribe put up a brave fight But couldn't defeat the Roman might When the Empire fell, many tried this country to take Until Alfred arrived after burning his cake.