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n.1.(Zool.) The ibex.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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beIN launched its entertainment channels' bouquetin November 2015 and created a stir in the market by drawing a few FTA channels onto its pay platform and giving OSN significant competition by offering cost-effective pay TV packages.
Its name is, in Modern French, bouquetin, which is from Provencal boc estain or boc estanc, whereas Rashi's own Old French term is closer to the forms of the term as found in Germanic languages.
For parents, skiing ranges from blue and red runs to the Bouquetin black monster.
cheval PS-Espagne Centre et Sud Cheval Bouquetin PS-Cantabres archaique Biche Cheval PS-Cantabres recent Bison Cheval PS-Perigord archaique Cheval Bison PS-Perigord recent Mammouth Cheval PS-Rhone-Lang archaIque Cheval Mammouth PS-Pyrenees recent Bison Cheval PS-Quercy archaique Cheval Mammouth PS-Quercy recent Cheval Bison F1% S1% F2% S2% W Arnhem Land Old Dyn.
1996: La taille des groupes: un bioindicateur de l'effectif des populations de bouquetin des Alpes (Capra ibex ibex)?--Mammalia 60: 463-472.
(8) Dans le fond de cette galerie, les membres du Groupe Archeologique de Carpentras avaient ramasse, en 1986, quelques restes de faune sauvage: du bouquetin, du cerf et du lapin (determinations de E.
The seven-night holiday has been reduced to pounds 559pp (six sharing) including full board chalet accommodation in the family Chalet Bouquetin in the centre of the resort and flights departing on January 31 from Gatwick to Geneva.
1973: Deplacements saisonniers et competition vitale entre mouflons, chamois et bouquetins dans la Reserve du Mercantour (Alpes Maritimes).--Mammalia 37(2): 203-219.