Bourbon Red

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Bour·bon Red

Any of a breed of domesticated turkeys having dark red and white plumage.

[After Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the region of the United States where the breed was developed.]
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Eggs: 15 Cuckoo Maran PS40; Dozen Bourbon Red Turkey Large Fowl PS34; Dozen Welsummer Large Fowl PS34; Dozen French/German Blue Maran PS30 (3); Dozen Auracana Large Fowl PS28.
Caption: Presley, the king of our Bourbon Red heritage turkey flock.
Premium color options are black ebony, bourbon red, and English tan.
For example, D'Artagnan, a purveyor of high-end and rare meats, sells the Standard Bronze and Bourbon Red breeds, with the larger, 12-pound birds listed at $214.99.
In the Rare Breed barn, several gathered to have a look at a Bourbon Red turkey, a species on the watch list of endangered American livestock breeds.
Look for one of the lo or so breeds defined as "heritage/' including Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Jersey Buff, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze, and White Holland.
Ayrshire Farm is a certified organic, certified humane producer of heritage breed livestock, including Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs; Scottish Highland and White Park cattle; and Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze, and Midget White turkeys, many of which will be on display.
and upgraded the Bourbon Red heritage turkey from "rare" to "watch" status on conservation lists.
"Oh, yeah," says 13-year-old Brittney Leslie of Creswell, when asked if she and her Bourbon Red turkey, Big Red, get along.
In 2001, Heritage Foods USA was formed as the sales and marketing arm for Slow Food's Heritage Turkey Project, which helped double the population of the birds in the United States and upgraded the Bourbon Red turkey from "rare" to "watch" status on conservation lists.
The ALBC's executive director at that time, Don Bixby, nominated four traditional American heritage turkeys--Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red and Jersey Buff--to Slow Food's Ark USA, a program that seeks out and promotes endangered regional foods.
The Bourbon Red, the Narragansett, the Jersey Buff, and the Standard Bronze--the turkeys Americans ate for centuries--have all but succumbed to the aptly named and entirely flavorless Broad Breasted White.