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A historical region and former province of central France in the Massif Central. It was held by the counts (later dukes) of Bourbon until 1527, when Francis I added it to the French crown lands.
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I asked for the shortest way, and hurried through the field paths of the Bourbonnais, bearing, as it were, a dead man on my back.
So I hurried on, splashing and bemiring myself in the byways of the Bourbonnais.
Thus, he was in the habit of saying that the year 1476 had been "white and black" for him--meaning thereby, that in the course of that year he had lost his mother, the Duchesse de la Bourbonnais, and his cousin, the Duke of Burgundy, and that one grief had consoled him for the other.
Upon arrival to Bourbonnais, the families, who came from suburbs across the Chicago area, were escorted to a private, tented area to watch their favorite team practice.
It operates from its seven full-service banking offices located in the municipalities of Watseka, Danville, Clifton, Hoopeston, Savoy, Bourbonnais and Champaign, Illinois, and its loan production and wealth management office in Osage Beach, Missouri.
To the south of Chicago in the village of Bourbonnais, Ill., is a group of four FM radio stations and a FM translator that's tied to a family-run broadcasting company.
Divers started searching the pond along Interstate 57 near Bourbonnais when a sheriff's deputy found a side-view mirror and a front bumper with a license plate matching Khalili's car nearby.
Kankakee, IL, May 12, 2017 --( Tholens' Landscape and Garden Center has launched a new website at in an effort to better accommodate and serve their clients in Kankakee and Bourbonnais, IL.
is acquiring the assets of Alabama Metal Industries Corp.'s (AMICO's) bar grating facility located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, as well as the bar grating equipment and related inventory at three other AMICO locations, the company said.
The debut novel of Claudine Bourbonnais, "Metis Beach" is both a coming-of-age story and an epic chronicle of America in the counter-culture Sixties.
Public Section Pension Investment Board (PSP) said it has appointed Andre Bourbonnais as president and chief executive officer effective March 30, 2015.