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 (bo͝o-rā′, bo͞o-)
a. An old French dance resembling the gavotte, usually in 3/4 or 2/2 time beginning with an upbeat.
b. The music for this dance.
2. A movement in ballet in which the dancer transfers body weight quickly from foot to foot, usually on the balls of the feet, in a series of small steps.

[French, from bourrer, to stuff, from bourre, hair, fluff, from Late Latin burra, a shaggy garment.]
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1. (Dancing) a traditional French dance in fast duple time, resembling a gavotte
2. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed in the rhythm of this dance
[C18: from French bourrée a bundle of faggots (it was originally danced round a fire of faggots)]
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n., pl. -rées.
1. an old French and Spanish dance.
2. the music for it.
[1700–10; < French: literally, bundle of brushwood]
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A series of small even staccato steps; the pas de bourrée involves three transfers of weight from foot to foot and has over 20 different variations.
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The fourth movements are slow, introspective sarabandes, followed by a fifth movement in the form of a minuet, bouree, or gavotte.
She was then asked to approach the force plate down the runway in a sequence commonly seen during grand allegro: arms prepared by sweeping to premiere en bas and moving to first position; tombe with the leading arm moving to second position and pas de bouree with the non-leading arm moving to second position; glissade while the arms allonge and return to first position as the jump ends; and grand jete with the arms extending into third arabesque.
These old riverboats served well, as they often had spacious rooms that could be used for dining, bouree (French dance), pool and the staterooms for bunking.
10 a.m.: Larkin High Visual and Performing Arts Academy Chamber Strings, with director Ruth Cavanaugh, performing "Suite in B minor IV; SarbandeV; Bouree I/Bouree II"
Cases previously reported in high-income country prisons are rare: only one schistosomiasis case in Spain [48] and no strongyloidiasis case since 1988, when Bouree et al.
This is now re-released on CD in its entirety, plus bonus tracks Driving Song, Bouree and the aforementioned Living In The Past, all remastered in both stereo and mono.
More importantly, the seeds of classical ballet were planted at Versailles, engendering a lingua franca (pas de bouree, arabesque, port de bras etc) still in use today.
Bernard Bouree, biomass project director CNIM, added: "Biomass is one of the most abundant sources of renewable energy and we have over 50 years experience in biomass projects.
Bouree, analyst with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act office, convened the meeting Tuesday after an environmental notification form was filed for the proposal.