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See Burgundy2.
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(Placename) the French name for Burgundy
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(ˈbɜr gən di)

n., pl. -dies for 2,3.
1. a historic region in central France: a former kingdom, duchy, and province.
2. a metropolitan region in central France. 1,609,000; 12,194 sq. mi. (31,582 sq. km).
3. any of the red or white wines produced in this region.
4. (often l.c.) a red wine produced elsewhere.
5. (l.c.) a grayish red-brown to blackish-purple color.
French, Bourgogne (for defs. 1,2,7).
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Noun1.Bourgogne - a former province of eastern France that is famous for its wines
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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"You have the air of the lamb of the Golden Fleece which hangs from Monsieur de Bourgogne's neck."
Have the comedians of the Hotel de Bourgogne shifted their quarters?"
the comedians of the Hotel de Bourgogne, would have nothing to do with it," said the poet, with a smile, the receipt for which certain sorts of pride alone knew the secret.
They were preserved with the care given in these provinces deprived of vineyards to other native products, desirable for their antique perfume, and issued by the presses of Bourgogne, Touraine, Gascogne, and the South.
In his seclusions the Vin de Bourgogne had its allotted hour, and there were appropriate moments for the Cotes du Rhone.
"Un Corse la finira," found within the words, "Revolution Francaise"; "Eh, c'est large nez," in "Charles Genest," an abbe at the court of Louis XIV., whose huge nose is recorded by Saint-Simon as the delight of the Duc de Bourgogne (the exigencies of this last anagram required the substitution of a z for an s),--were a never-ending marvel to Colleville.
L'effondrement des trois immeubles dans le quartier Bourgogne a Casablanca causant la mort de plus de 24 personnes et la disparition d'une dizaine d'autres continue d'aller de rebondissement en rebondissement.
Our cover image combines details of a model of the eighty-gun French ship of the line Due de Bourgogne, the flagship of the squadron that brought the comte de Rochambeau and his French troops in 1780 to fight for American independence.
All wines from the designated area can be called Bourgogne and all of the numerous producers produce these base wines.
21 September 2012 - Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut AG (SWF:BARN) said on Friday it would sell its business and factory in Dijon, France, to Chocolaterie de Bourgogne, taking the final step towards completing its exit from consumer activities.
Its chief executive Juergen Steinemann welcomed the agreement with Chocolaterie de Bourgogne, pointing out the long-standing sector experience of the buyera[euro](tm)s management.The Chocolaterie de Bourgogne business resulting from the deal will be managed by sector expert Philippe de Jarcy, the vendor said.