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 (bo͝o-rā′, bo͞o-)
a. An old French dance resembling the gavotte, usually in 3/4 or 2/2 time beginning with an upbeat.
b. The music for this dance.
2. A movement in ballet in which the dancer transfers body weight quickly from foot to foot, usually on the balls of the feet, in a series of small steps.

[French, from bourrer, to stuff, from bourre, hair, fluff, from Late Latin burra, a shaggy garment.]
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1. (Dancing) a traditional French dance in fast duple time, resembling a gavotte
2. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed in the rhythm of this dance
[C18: from French bourrée a bundle of faggots (it was originally danced round a fire of faggots)]
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n., pl. -rées.
1. an old French and Spanish dance.
2. the music for it.
[1700–10; < French: literally, bundle of brushwood]
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A series of small even staccato steps; the pas de bourrée involves three transfers of weight from foot to foot and has over 20 different variations.
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Alors que les opportunites de relance d'un patelin bourre de ressources et capacites, ne manquent point.
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She also works closely with builders including Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Bourre Construction Group, Inland Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Emerald Homes and La Fontana at The Residences.
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Aujourd'hui ce nest plus le cas - Le Quebec est bourre d'une histoire d'injustice envers plusieurs peuples - Bataille continuelle contre la culture anglophone - Le combat du peuple - Une lutte perpetuelle pour garder nos valeurs et notre langue - Une lutte pour conserver le francais - Lutte eternelle entre francophones et anglophones - Francais catholiques contre anglais protestants - Plusieurs batailles, plusieurs echec pour y etre aujourd'hui - Ce fut long et perieux [perilleux], mais nous progressons - Un peuple qui a su resister a l'assimilation - Des colons Francais qui immigre en Amerique, colonise les terres et developpe au fil des centenaires et des embuches la societe quebecoise de aujourd'hui - Le Quebec a vu, il a subit et il vaincra - Vive le Quebec libre !
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