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n.1.A toper; a boozer.
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Tenders are invited for Provision of bouser supply of drinking watr at sma rameswaram and pampa vihar fort kochi
Bouser, the Western District began dismantling the merger limitation.
Witnesses Brenda Bouser and her husband Steve were at the beach when they heard people screaming "Get out of the water".
Brenda Bouser and her husband Steve were at the beach in Oak Island, North Carolina, US, at the start of a week's holiday, when they heard people yelling: "Get out of the water
Nagy replaces Steve Bouser, who has moved to part-time opinion-page editor in his semi-retirement; Bouser had been editor since 1997.
There is, indeed, supposed to be such a thing as separation of church and state in this great nation of ours, no matter what the Christian Right would try to get you to believe to the contrary," Bouser wrote.
Lormine Blancarte, ARCH--Homeless Driftwood, Texas CAM Shelter John D Bouser, CAM St.
For the first time ever at Hearsall Common, the track will be properly watered to obtain optimum racing conditions, courtesy of a water bouser supplied by the council.
Demand is up, supply is insufficient and accelerating job growth is fueling the demand for space with almost all new construction preleased, says Bouser.
It was a hell of a story," Steve Bouser, the newspaper's editor is quoted as saying.
Post editor Steve Bouser said he was appalled at the column -- not so much for its opinion, he says, but its insuking tone and its several factual and stylistic errors.