Bouteloua gracilis

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Noun1.Bouteloua gracilis - a pasture grass of western North AmericaBouteloua gracilis - a pasture grass of western North America
grama, grama grass, gramma, gramma grass - pasture grass of plains of South America and western North America
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Possible Seed Mix: 15% Poa secunda canbyi 5% Koeleaia macrantha 10% Elymus elymoides 10% Hilaria (Pleuraphis) jamesii 15% Elymus spicatus - bluebunch wheatgrass (Anatone or P-7) 20% Elymus lanceolatus - thickspike wheatgrass (Bannock) 10% Bouteloua gracilis 10% Sporobolus cryptandrus 2.
santaclarensis, bosques mixtos de encino, bosque espinoso, pastizal de Bouteloua gracilis y matorral desertico; Rzedowski (1978) ubica cuatro tipos de vegetacion para el estado: matorral xerofilo, pastizal, bosque de coniferas y encinos y bosque tropical caducifolio.
El C17 se constituyo por 13 sitios y por 6 especies: Prosopis glandulosa, Aloysia gratissima, Acacia constricta, Bouteloua gracilis, Larrea tridentata y Acacia greggii.
Bouteloua gracilis (19 % cover) and Carex filifolia (15 % cover) were the dominant graminoids at the site, while Yucca glauca (1% cover) and Artemisia frigida (1% cover) were the most frequent forbs.
2] respired by soil microbes inhabiting the soil beneath Artemisia tridentata, Bouteloua gracilis, and bare ground in grazed and ungrazed rangeland, which is an indirect measure of microbial biomass, (2) to determine percent carbon, percent nitrogen, and organic matter content of the soil, and (3) determine the correlation between 1 and 2.
6 0 Bouteloua gracilis, grazed Stipa comata, Koelaria pyramidata Heavily 0.
Two common native grasses, Bouteloua gracilis and Koeleria gracilis, had significantly lower cover in A.
Root dynamics of Bouteloua gracilis during short-term recovery from drought.
Indeed, the number of significant regressions in the Bouteloua gracilis data indicates some departure from theory.
Gutierrezia sarothrae, Bouteloua gracilis, and Hilaria jamesii were also negatively correlated with axis one (r = -0.