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 (bo͝o-zo͞o′kē, bə-)
n. pl. bou·zou·kis
A Greek stringed instrument having a long fretted neck and usually pear-shaped body.

[Modern Greek mpouzoúki, from Turkish bozuk (saz), a kind of saz (literally, "broken saz"), from bozuk, broken (probably in reference to bozuk düzen, broken tuning, a kind of reentrant tuning often used on the saz and bouzouki); akin to Old Turkic buzuk, destroyed, spoiled, from buzmaq, to destroy, spoil.]


(Instruments) a Greek long-necked stringed musical instrument related to the mandolin
[C20: from Modern Greek mpouzouki, perhaps from Turkish büjük large]


(bʊˈzu ki)

n., pl. -kis.
a long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece.
[1950–55; < Modern Greek mpouzoúki, of uncertain orig.]
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Army units, in cooperation with the Popular Defense groups established control over Akko and Bouz al-Kherba villages in Lattakia's north-eastern countryside after destroying positions, arms and ammunition for the terrorist organizations and killing scores of them.
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es when second Skacel was assisted by unusually Rangers defending as Madjid Bougher away from Kevin Kyle and allowed t to get a free header on a long forwar from another Algerian, Ismael Bouz was in magnificent form.
United grew in strength after the half time interval and Reds keeper Dean Bouz anis was much busier than he had been before the break.
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The army's air force carried out raids on dens of Jabhat al-Nusra and other affiliated organizations in Bouz al-Kherbeh, Akko and Kabani in Lattakia north-eastern countryside.