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 (păp′yo͞ol) also pap·u·la (-yə-lə)
n. pl. pap·ules also pap·u·lae (-yə-lē′)
A small, solid, usually inflammatory elevation of the skin that does not contain pus.

[Latin papula.]

pap′u·lar (-yə-lər) adj.
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a. papular, rel. a una pápula, papuloso-a, papulado-a.
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BPSV, bovine papular stomatitis virus; CPXV, cowpox virus; RPXV, rabbitpox virus; MPXV, monkeypox virus; ORFV, for virus; PCPXV, pseudocowpox virus; PVNZ, parapoxvirus of red deer in New Zealand; SPV, sealpox virus; VARV, variola virus.
Esses agentes, denominados virus da pseudovariola (pseudocowpox virus, PCPV) e virus da estomatite papular (bovine papular stomatitis virus, BPSV), sao envelopados, muito resistentes em condicoes ambientais e possuem genoma DNA de fita dupla (FLEMMING & MERCER, 2007).
Parapoxviruses (PPVs) form a unique genus within the subfamily Chordopoxvirinae and are differentiated into the following species: orf virus (ORFV), bovine papular stomatitis virus (BPSV), pseudocowpoxvirus (PCPV), and PPV of the red deer in New Zealand.

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