Bow drill

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a drill worked by a bow and string.
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The tan canvas Micarta scales (accented with red liners) have a divot for accommodating a bow drill for firestarting, and the spine of the blade is ground to a sharp 90-degree edge for throwing sparks from a ferro rod.
BOW DRILL: This often comes to mind when thinking "primitive." You need a flexible bow, spindle, a fireboard, and socket.
The handle also has a divot for use with a bow drill and an extended pommel used for scraping or hammering."
Practice how to make a fire using a bow drill and learn how to make a bow drill kit.
Using a hand-worked bow drill, the carvers must have spent hours cutting away the stone using abrasive powder and water.
Chapters cover everything from edge tools to measuring tools, from how to make a bow for a bow drill to replacing vials in levels and more.
To make sure we don't To make sure we don't doze into a food coma, Al and young guide Brad demonstrate how to make a fire using a bow drill, while at the table, Ivan is telling an enraptured crowd about his hunts over the years.
No matter what the material, the basic kit remained the same: bow drill, adze, chisel, mallet, handsaw and pit saw.
There will also be lessons in how to light a fire from a bow drill. Located in Spring Wood in Derbyshire, leader Dave Watson has been teaching woodcraft courses for over 10 years and says that this is a course that's best suited to people who have already been on a previous bushcraft course.
Her 12-year-old son had a yen for survival skills but could not, no matter how hard he tried, start a fire using a bow drill, a low-tech step-up from rubbing two sticks together.
He will also be demonstrating the use of the bow drill and an adze.