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n.1.One born within hearing distance of Bow-bells; a cockney.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The 28-year-old measurement technician from Bowbells, North Dakota, is a self-described "passionate mule deer hunter." The tag in his pocket was for either species, but after seeing the monster buck before him, Kyle decided he'd be a whitetail hunter for the remainder of the season.
Northland Health Center is located in Turtle Lake with six satellite sites located in: Minot; Rolette; Bowbells; McClusky; Ray; and Rolla.
Railers dominated the third eliminator with Gemma Davidson's Lordsbury Peanut getting up on the line to pip Bowbells Katie in a time of 35.68sec.
18, 1917, in Bowbells, N.D., to John and Bessie Bullis Sloan.
Of the 65 submissions, a three person panel of third-party judges chose the following recipients: Kiwanis Club of Rolla, in cooperation with Boy Scout Troop 71 in Rolla; Osnabrock Barley Hall; Over 55 Club of Max, in cooperation with Max Library; Bowbells Fire Department, and Mott Volunteer Fire Brigade.
Producer George Critchley has also managed to find the sweetest girls to play Goldilocks (Louise Willoughby) and Fairy Bowbells (Charlotte Chinn).
1975) (upheld clause for $500 in 1973); and Bowbells Pub.
Located in the county seat of Bowbells with a sworn circulation of 1,363, the Tribune is a good example of the kind of paper that could be threatened by county mergers.