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 (bou′dĭch), Nathaniel 1773-1838.
American mathematician and astronomer noted for his works concerning navigation.


(ˈbaʊ dɪtʃ)

Nathaniel, 1773–1838, U.S. mathematician, astronomer, and navigator.
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Noun1.Bowditch - United States mathematician and astronomer noted for his works on navigation (1773-1838)Bowditch - United States mathematician and astronomer noted for his works on navigation (1773-1838)
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That, now, is what old Bowditch in his Epitome calls the zodiac, and what my almanack below calls ditto.
Beware of enlisting in your vigilant fisheries any lad with lean brow and hollow eye; given to unseasonable meditativeness; and who offers to ship with the phaedon instead of Bowditch in his head.
DeGiacomo's motion for a settlement with Bowditch & Dewey, arguing that he did not provide enough information to determine if the settlement is in the best interests of the estates and their creditors.
Ashley Bowditch was jailed for three years after his attempted robbery at the Spar store in Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taf, on March 10.
Gavin Bowditch, 37, also accessed emails and sent messages purporting to be from wife Helen, a vet's nurse, to the alleged rival.
Senden's good friend and fellow Aussie Steven Bowditch came up with an idea for tour professionals to show their support.
Maartensz and Dyson Bowditch were appointed as co-heads of equities distribution in August 2016 and Bowditch is to continue in the role.
However, Dean Bowditch popped up in the final minute with a fine leftfooted strike that flew past Neil Etheridge and into the Walsall net.
With a minute to go, the Saddlers were a point off the playoffs in 10th but late Dons pressure was rewarded with a Dean Bowditch leveller that dropped Walsall to 14th, having started the day 12th.
Buying Boo Weekley's supremacy over Steven Bowditch at 7.
But a second-half brace from Dean Bowditch along with a sensational Ben Tilney strike saw the visitors complete a stunning turnaround to end Warren Feeney's side's interest in the competition.
MK DONS 1 Bowditch 30 FULHAM 1 Dembele 44 FULHAM caretaker manager Peter Grant insists he has no desire in taking on the job full-time.