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Noun1.intestinal obstruction - blockage of the intestine (especially the ileum) that prevents the contents of the intestine from passing to the lower bowel
enteropathy - a disease of the intestinal tract
blockage, obstruction - the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction
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Several studies agreed in the accuracy US to diagnose small bowel obstruction (Table 3) [8-11].
Malignant bowel obstruction (MBO) in women with advanced gynecologic cancer is common and a major clinical challenge as it is associated with protracted symptoms such as the inability to maintain oral intake, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
Patients with an internal hernia most commonly present with acute bowel obstruction. While internal hernia is an uncommon cause of bowel obstruction, making up approximately 0.2-0.9% of cases [1], the incidence is increasing due to greater use of techniques such as Roux-en-Y for liver transplant and gastric bypass.
We present the case of a 4-year-old boy who was placed on LMWH for a catheter-related deep venous thrombosis in the setting of intractable seizures and subsequently developed a small bowel obstruction secondary to a suspected intussusception.
These may include simple abscesses, fistula, and, rarely, small bowel obstruction [8-10].
Four cases (12.9%) were of bands of Meckel's diverticulum causing small bowel obstruction. All patients of Meckel's diverticulum were male, age ranging up to 68 years.
She is at risk for further complications, including bowel obstruction, because of abdominal adhesive disease.
SV is the wrapping of the sigmoid colon around its base, which causes acute mechanical large bowel obstruction.1 SV is an uncommon disease, but its incidence is relatively high in African, Asian, Middle Eastern, South American, and Eastern and Northern European countries,1 as well as in Turkey, particularly in Eastern Anatolia,2-4 where our hospital is located.
Summary: A delicate surgery was carried out by Al Zahra Hospital doctors to relieve his bowel obstruction
These cases can progress to overt bowel obstruction and surgical treatment is often required.
in 1988 [2], is an uncommon but important cause of recurrent small bowel obstruction. It involves the formation of multiple thin, concentric, stenosing strictures in the intestine.
Other treatments such as surgical intervention may be necessary in patients with bowel obstruction, perforation, ormassive hemorrhage.