Bowman's capsule

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Bow·man's capsule

A double-walled, cup-shaped structure around the glomerulus of each nephron of the vertebrate kidney. It serves as a filter to remove organic wastes, excess inorganic salts, and water.

[After Sir William Bowman (1816-1892), British surgeon.]

Bow′man's cap′sule

(ˈboʊ mənz)
a membranous, double-walled capsule surrounding a glomerulus of a nephron.
[1880–85; after Sir William Bowman (1816–92), English surgeon]

Bowman's capsule

(or glomerular capsule) Part of a nephron in a kidney: a little cup surrounding a glomerulus. See glomerulus, kidney, nephron.
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Noun1.Bowman's capsule - thin double membrane surrounding the glomerulus of a nephron
malpighian body, malpighian corpuscle, renal corpuscle - the capsule that contains Bowman's capsule and a glomerulus at the expanded end of a nephron
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
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Intraglomerular Bowman's capsule dilatation and edema are noted without evidence of glomerular and/or epithelial cell damage in proximal tubules.
Light microscopy showed the glomeruli with a thick Bowman's capsule and interstitial fibrosis (Fig.
Inflammatory cells infiltrated the Bowman's capsule, immunoglobulins G and C3 deposits were evident along the basement membrane and in subepithelial spaces; haematic dross and cellular cylinders were detected in tubular lumens.
Rosmarinic acid significantly decreased focal glomerular necrosis, dilatation of Bowman's capsule, degeneration of tubular epithelium, necrosis in tubular epithelium, and tubular dilatation.