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The dad, from Poleglass in West Belfast, added: "We didn't know what it was until people told us it was box cutters.
Working in conjunction with a case sealing machine, RipCord tape head technology is offered as a safe and easy way to apply a string that opens packaged contents without knives, box cutters or other cutting tools.
Among those products are 35 types of box cutters and the Sit and Shop retail cart--introduced in 1984, long before the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The TSA said that fixed blades, razors and box cutters were however forbidden, the BBC reports.
In March, a bag full of ( box cutters went undetected by two TSA agents and a supervisor at New York's JFK airport.
But terrorists are nothing if not adaptable: if they can no longer fly with firearms, they'll bring box cutters. Take away their box cutters, and they fill their underpants with explosives.
In addition to the poor security, thieves took advantage of the moment when museum guards were praying, to slice the canvas out of its frame with box cutters.
A mobile phone taped to a medicine bottle, a knife and box cutters were discovered stashed in their luggage.
Among their luggage was a mobile phone taped to a medicine bottle and a knife and box cutters.
Box cutters, weapons found in Puerto Rico bag search.
The boxes also presented a significant risk of injury to employees during the unpacking process because sharp box cutters had to be used to cut away the box flaps.