Box tree

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the tree variety of the common box.

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It opened to the ground, and looked into a most miserable corner of the neglected garden, upon a rank ruin of cabbage-stalks, and one box tree that had been clipped round long ago, like a pudding, and had a new growth at the top of it, out of shape and of a different colour, as if that part of the pudding had stuck to the saucepan and got burnt.
If your box hedges and topiary have been decimated by box blight and box tree caterpillars in recent years, you might want to try some alternatives.
Ken Cox, who owns the nursery, advised on the selections because they open at slightly different times, providing a longer season of flowers.I also have dozens of box tree cuttings in the propagator, along with various kinds of hydrangea and lots of scented pinks I snipped off the plants in my mum's garden.
The Box Tree at Ilkley, which has maintained a star rating for 14 successive years before this one, surprisingly lost out.
Inside the Rainforest biome, we passed rubber trees, umbrella trees, the Baobab and even the Jack-in-the Box tree.
"I have watched them remove every single cabbage white caterpillar from a patch of nasturtiums, and we have had reports of them feeding on box tree moth caterpillars.
Avoid box, because new growth can be eaten by box tree moth caterpillars or devastated by fungal disease.
Mark was the long-standing head chef of Michelin star restaurant The Box Tree in Ilkley and Elizabeth worked there and other prestigious restaurants to further her kitchen experience after appearing on BBC's MasterChef to years ago.
The box tree caterpillar returned to the top of the 2017 ranking, which is based on inquiries to the RHS by gardeners seeking advice on dealing with troublesome pests, up from seventh place last year.
The Box Tree - 1 star Ilkley, West Yorkshire This iconic restaurant is set in two charming sandstone cottages and "represents a combination of 21st century efficiency and exquisite good taste", according to its website.
At the age of 17, I then worked at the Box Tree Hotel in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.