Boy bishop

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a boy (usually a chorister) elected bishop, in old Christian sports, and invested with robes and other insignia. He practiced a kind of mimicry of the ceremonies in which the bishop usually officiated.

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Is it true that their leader, Boy Bishop, leaves a note at the scene of the crimes?" "'It came between you and the planet, you lost?'" Nance said.
Owst and the Politics of Sermon Studies" and Veronica O'Mara's account of the Boy Bishop sermon in "A Victorian Response to a Fifteenth-Century Incunabulum," focused on the edition byjohn Gough Nichols.
And the Reds took a deserved lead as new boy Bishop made it a home debut to remember with a lovely dinked finish over the keeper four minutes before the break.
With Danny Wright and Adrian Cieslewicz both grabbing a first goal of the season apiece against the Exiles, Morrell has to decide whether new boy Bishop will be in the starting line-up.
Its success in dealing with the intricacies of the Feast of Fools and with the arguments of scholars who have written on it in the past only serves to underscore the need for a comparable study of the intricacies of boy bishop observances.
At Sens, for example, two hundred years after Peter of Corbeil created the office for the feast, there was enough horseplay for the amount of water dousing the cantor of fools to be limited to "three small pails [situlae]" (214) and for the boy bishop only one, the dousing specified near the well in the cloister.
And debut boy Bishop is on a personal mission to put one over on his former club - and brother Andy, who will be in direct opposition.
Some were brought to book for parodying church rites and sermons but one might profitably consider the shadow relationship this bears to the mockery earlier permitted in the Corpus Christi plays and the upside down rituals of such things as the boy bishop. One needs go no further than Shakespeare to find a more public contemporary challenge when Toby Belch proclaims 'Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?' Substantial evidence of irreligion, however, Haigh concludes is scarce.
BOY BISHOP'S APPOINTMENT: An ancient St Nicholas Day tradition was revived in Guisborough in December 1987 when teenage chorister Andrew Turner was made Boy Bishop.
3.30pm Evensong & Ceremony of the Boy Bishop' Psalm 15' Stanford in G: Vox dicentis - Naylor' Hymns in order of service' Allegro moderato e serioso (Sonato No 1)
Tomorrow morning, at St Nicholas' Parish Church, Gosforth, young Euan Robertson will be installed as Boy Bishop during the Eucharist at 10am.