whiz kid

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whiz kid

n. Informal
A young person who is exceptionally intelligent, innovatively clever, or precociously successful.

[Alteration of Quiz Kid, a panelist on an early game show.]

whiz′ kid`

Informal. a youthful and exceptionally intelligent, talented, or successful person.
whiz′-kid`, adj.

whiz(z) kid

n (inf, in career) → Senkrechtstarter(in) m(f); financial/publishing whiz kidFinanz-/Verlagsgenie ntor -größe f; a whiz kid like him will soon find a solutionein solcher Intelligenzbolzen wird bald auf eine Lösung kommen (inf)

whiz kid

n (fam) → mago/a
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Johnson's characters are beautifully drawn, from Budi's best friend Rochy, the boy genius forced, through hardship to leave school, to his ancient chain-smoking grandma with the amazing stories and his parents, struggling against adversity with love and care.
Matt Bomer ( White Collar ) plays Monroe Stahr, ageing Hollywood boy genius with a heart condition.
Sheldon Cooper, one of the most lovable and obnoxious characters to recently conquer television, will be getting his own TV show focusing on his childhood as a 9-year-old boy genius in an unintelligent high school world.
The troubled teen brings back memories of a young boy genius who became a doctor at age 10 in a popular US TV series in the 1990s titled Doogie Howser MD.
Ted was a boy genius who now works as a theoretical physicist.
As you might expect from a boy genius, his very own activity book is set to surpass all others with word puzzles, drawing games, brain-bending quizzes and jokes.
The third title in the popular "Anna Mei" series for middle grade children ages 8-12, "Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise" follows American -adopted, Chinese seventh -grader Anna Mei through the trials of adjusting to junior high homework expectations and discovering an annoying new boy genius student, Kai Hao Chen from Beijing.
Thanks to Boy Genius Report, we have the frontal and rear images of the device.
With their jangly guitars, headlong rhythms, and callow lyrics, Boy Genius would be an indie-band self-parody if they weren't so darn likable.
The Boy Genius Report has screen grabs that purportedly show one or more documents from Canadian wireless provider Rogers.
Nine-year-old boy genius Joseph Burton from Saltney with his successful maths GCSE exam result
HAMILTON'S boy genius James McCarthy knows he'll be a target for SPL fans next season because he's chosen to play for the Republic of Ireland - but he insists he'll follow in the footsteps of Celtic ace Aiden McGeady by beating the boo-boys.