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n. pl. boy·os Chiefly Irish and Welsh
A boy or man. Used especially as a form of address.

[boy + -o.]


informal Brit a boy or young man: often used in direct address
[from Irish and Welsh]



1. a boy or youth; young man.
2. chap; fellow (used as a familiar term of address).
[1250–1300; Middle English ladde, of obscure orig.; compare late Old English Ladda (nickname)]
lad′dish, adj.
lad′hood, n.


[ˈbɔɪəʊ] N (Brit) (often in direct address) → joven m, muchacho m


interj (Welsh) → Junge m
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Boyo Pale Ale is extremely pale straw in colour and pours with a foamy white head.
Edward Boyo, chief executive officer of Overland Airways, said that, the commencement of scheduled flights operations on the Abuja-Dutse-Abuja route in addition to the existing routes is part of Overland Airways objective to facilitate air transportation between the major cities of Nigeria.
Pictured (back row, from left) Paul Boyo (assistant manager), Tylan Kaya, Jake Quilliam, Ellis Sant, Kieron Kenny, Shaun Keeley & Ian Kenny (manager); (front row, from left) Reg Healy (assistant manager/coach), Jay Saad, Jai McVey, Kaylam Atkinson, Alex Morgan & Jack Heckingbottom
Boyo will be sadly missed by all his family and many friends.
55 3 The Big Boyo 4 Doctor Woodfield 6 More Chimney's Recommended perm; 64 lines at EUR1 a line, total stake EUR64 Jacksays and the frustrating De Dodger also warrant consideration.
A QUIET ROUND AWAY FROM IT ALL: Not me, boyo, says the chap on the left.
So is Tom Jones, below left, the original medallion man, the boyo from nowhere, finally beginning to act his age?
KARACHI, January 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): Court of Judicial Magistrate South, Sadar ud Din Boyo has remanded to police custody till January, 18 two persons Shoaib and Noman who are accused in looting 15 kilogram gold from jewellery shop.
In which book does the character Nogood Boyo appear?
Como su ultima toma aerea, que recorre la superficie del puente y no llega a ningun lugar, En el boyo no concluye nunca ni pone punto final.
We've survived, but it's still a jungle out there, boyo.
Sir,-- One of your correspondents recently suggested that EEC vice-president Neil Kinnock was fond of wearing military style ties when the boyo was Labour leader -- thus suggesting an inflated CV (Post, Dec 15).