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n.1.An acidulated fermented drink of the Arabs and Egyptians, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jose Eungel Prenda, JesE[bar]s Escudero, Alfonso JesE[bar]s Cabezuelo, Antonio Manuel Guerrero and Eungel Boza were each given 15 years.
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Entre 1995 y 2012, los paises miembros de la OMC informaron a la Secretaria la intencion de hacer entrar en vigor 14.864 MSF y 15.650 OTC; Estados Unidos fue el pais con mayor numero de notificaciones realizadas en ambos casos, con 3.489 y 971 respectivamente (Boza y Fernandez, 2016).
has named Xavier Boza senior vice president and chief human resources officer, effective Aug.
Jose Angel Prenda, Alfonso Cabezuelo, Antonio Manuel Guerrero, Jesus Escudero and Angel Boza, were sentenced to nine years' imprisonment, five years' probation and ordered to pay e1/410,000 (Dh44,752) each to the woman.
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Currently under construction in the Lo Boza industrial sector adjacent to Santiago International Airport, this brand new facility will join UPM Raflatac's growing Americas Terminal Network, which includes a number of facilities throughout North and South America.