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A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural.

[French, from Italian macchietta, sketch, diminutive of macchia, spot, from Latin macula.]


(Art Terms) a sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch
[C20: from French, from Italian macchietta a little sketch, from macchia, from macchiare, from Latin maculāre to stain, from macula spot, blemish]


(mæˈkɛt, mə-)

a small model or study in three dimensions for a sculptural or architectural project.
[1900–05; < French < Italian macchietta, diminutive of macchia a sketch, complex of lines]


(French: “small model”) A small wax or clay model made by a sculptor in preparation for larger work.
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Bozzetti first heard about traditional remedies, many of which date back centuries, from her Juilliard classmates.
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Perhaps the distortion of his bozzetti should be taken into account when one considers the fluid extravagance of El Greco's figures, already elongated in imitation of Tintoretto and artists such as Parmigianino, whose work he was likely to have seen in Rome.
The Ferrarese equestrian ensemble, by Florentine sculptors Niccolo Baroncelli (the horse) and Antonio di Cristoforo di Firenze (the rider) stood on a marble base in the form of a triumphal arch, the so-called Arco del Cavallo, designed by Leon Battista Alberti, who had also judged the competition of bozzetti (models) in 1443 for the equestrian group, arriving at the Solomonic decision to split the commission between horse and rider.
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The fact that NGC's Extended PLM is web-based was a big plus for us," said Enrico Bozzetti, IT director for Excelled Sheepskin & Leather Coat Corporation.
When Edmondo De Amicis arrived in Rome in 1870 as a correspondent for L'Italia militare, he was already well known to the general public for his Bozzetti militari, published by Treves in 1868 in a volume titled La vita militare.
Small terracotta works and bozzetti are rather awkwardly displayed in the first room, in cases too low and too poorly lit for the visitor to be able really to appreciate the works.
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