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 (brā′kē-ə-sôr′, brăk′ē-)
[From New Latin Brāchiosaurus, genus name; see brachiosaurus.]


(ˈbreɪ ki əˌsɔr, ˈbræk i-)

a sauropod dinosaur of the genus Brachiosaurus, having nostrils on a knob above the eyes and a sloping, massive body, and reaching a length of about 80 ft. (24 m).
[< New Latin Brachiosaurus (1903)]
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The deltopectoral crest in this humerus is proximodistally short as occurs in Turiasauria (Royo-Torres et al., 2006; Mateus et al., 2014) and Brachiosauridae (Janensch, 1961; Tidwell et al., 1999; Mannion et al., 2013), but not in Lourinhasaurus (Mocho et al., 2014a).