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n.1.See Brahman.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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David Brachman of the Barrow Neuroscience Institute on the impact of Cesium Blu-driven treatment on three types of recurrent brain cancers.
Stasiu Zarzycki gained a silver medal in sparring and a gold in patterns, Julia Brachman a bronze in sparring.
Rounding out the list of accolades, Rowan Brachman of Dallas, Wade Girton of Arlington, Texas, and Michael Orenstein of Berkely, California, won the Brian Gatchell Award, each performer receiving a Yamaha P-125 digital piano.
Cairncross G, Berkey B, Shaw E, Jenkins R, Scheithauer B, Brachman D, et al.
The conclusion is that OBDM is yet another scenario where the trade-off between the expressive power of the modeling language and the complexity of reasoning is extremely relevant (Levesque and Brachman 1985).
Photo on pages 22-23 courtesy of Camp Helen Brachman, Almond, Wisconsin.
(v) Brachman and Thacker [6], which is cited as reference 190.
Daniel Brachman, nine, said: "I tried to high-five him but he didn't want to."
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He thrived on controversy and took pride in overcoming local political pressures to crusade for preventive medicine and other measures to safeguard public health." Philip Brachman, who succeeded Langmuir as EIS director, described Langmuir as "visionary, clairvoyant, tenacious, well prepared, scientifically honest, and optimistic." Langmuir enjoyed being a civil servant and working to benefit the public.