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n.1.See Brahman.
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Photos on pages 38-39 courtesy of Drumlin Farm Camp / Mass Audubon, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Camp Arrowwood, Wears Valley, Tennessee; YMCA Camp Minikani, Hubertus, Wisconsin; Camp Chippewa & Retreat Center, Ottawa, Kansas; URJ Crane Lake Camp, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts; and Camp Helen Brachman, Almond, Wisconsin.
2003); in fact, structure matching is complete only for a small subset of OWL-DL (Khemani 2013; Brachman and Levesque 2004); that is, for a given knowledge base, logical subsumption will find all inferences that structural subsumption can find and possibly more.
Daniel Brachman, nine, said: "I tried to high-five him but he didn't want to.
Fraser DW, Tsai TR, Orenstein W, Parkin WE, Beecham HJ, Sharrar RG, Harris J, Mallison GF, Martin SM, McDade JE, Shepard CC, Brachman PS.
His concerns were to control and prevent disease by applying the principles of epidemiology to the identification of causes and solutions," Brachman wrote.
48 324291226, Maria Brachman (w zakresie merytorycznym), tel.
Philip Brachman, an Emory public health specialist who led the CDC's disease detectives program for many years, said Friday that since there is no cure, medical workers will try any modern therapy that can be done, such as better monitoring of fluids, electrolytes and vital signs.
Battleground spokesman Ellis Brachman said the primary election wasn't a test for Battleground because the group has focused its resources on building support for the general election.
Ron Brachman, head of Yahoo Labs, argues that Siri lacks
Also approving the official report as issued were Republican appointees Judith Brachman, a Jewish Federations of North America board member; Stephen Guillard, president and CEO of Belmont Nursing Center Corp.
Whilst a cold winter wind blew outside, the Choral spent Wednesday and Thursday inside the magnificent Auditorio rehearsing with the Orquesta Sinfonica Castilla Y Leon, and soloists Ian Bostridge (tenor), Hanno Muller Brachman (baritone) and Suzanne Bernhard (soprano).
Second, Inspire appeals to Western youth and celebrity culture, often focusing on AQAP leader Anwar Al Awlaki, whom readers may wish to emulate due to his "celebrity sheikh" and "Al Qaeda Idol" status, described by Brachman and Levine (2011).