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or zebra fish (zē′brə-fĭsh)
n. pl. zebrafish or ze·bra·fish·es or zebra fish or zebra fish·es
A small freshwater fish (Danio rerio) of South Asia that has horizontal dark blue and silvery stripes, is popular in home aquariums, and is used as a model organism in the study of developmental biology and medical genetics. Also called zebra danio.
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(Animals) an Indian tropical fish with dark blue and silvery stripes
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(ˈzi brəˌfɪʃ; Brit. also ˈzɛb rə-)

n., pl. -fish•es, (esp. collectively) -fish.
a thin freshwater minnow, Brachydaniorerio, of India, having luminous blue and gold horizontal stripes.
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