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9 n = 381 882 924 Source (a) 1 2 2 Chaetura Aeronautes Panyptila brachyura montivagus cayennensis Araneae 11.
In many cases, only the first zoeal stage had been described for species in the family Grapsidae because of the difficulties in culturing larvae using techniques commonly employed in the laboratory for the later larval stages of various species of Brachyura (Guerao et al.
A review and model of decorating behaviour in spider crabs (Decapoda, Brachyura, Majidae).
Distinctive dorsal body color pattern instantly separates our specimens from related, sympatric species such as Argyrogena fasciolata (Shaw, 1802), Coelognathus helena helena (Daudin, 1802), Coronella brachyura (Gunther, 1866) and Liopeltis calamaria (Gunther, 1858).
Brachyura will be dealt with in the third part, volume 9C, which is now in preparation and foreseen for 2013.
Food habits of the Japanese sable Martes zibellina brachyura in eastern Hokkaido, Japan.