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 (brăd′ək), Edward 1695-1755.
British general in America during the French and Indian War. He was mortally wounded during his unsuccessful expedition against Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh).


(ˈbræd ək)

Edward, 1695–1755, British general in America.
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I cannot even allow myself to describe the bloody defeat of General Braddock, near the sources of the Ohio River, in 1755.
Although it may have been more useful in the section about the battle itself, the counterfactual allusion to how Braddock might have reacted tactically is a critical piece of Preston's analysis (315-316).
A STATUE of former Liverpool MP Bessie Braddock at the city's main railway station was used by protesters to remind commuters of the opening of a controversial reservoir in North Wales.
On Campaign Against Fort Duquesne: The Braddock and Forbes Expeditions, 1755-1758, Through the Experiences of Quartermaster Sir John St.
Since opening with office last June with New York real estate veterans Kathy Braddock and Paul Purcell at the helm, William Raveis NYC has grown to 27 agents.
He replaced Bill Braddock, who retired after serving 28 years as 121 Financial's president/CEO.
By then, playwright Rice and her team will have logged hundreds of hours learning about and making connections in Braddock, Pa.
Le film s'interesse, tout particulierement, a ces Americains de la ville de Braddock qui a ete, autrefois, un fleuron de la siderurgie.
The Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan recommended studying the feasibility of building a tunnel connection under the freight rail tracks from the Braddock Road station itself.
BESSIE Braddock - also known as Battling Bessie - was one of Liverpool's most legendary politicians.
THE chief executive and principal of Birmingham Metropolitan College, Dame Christine Braddock, has been appointed the new chairman of the city's Children's Hospital.
In 2011, author James Braddock sued Jolie and the film company that made the film, saying it was partly based on his book "The Soul Shattering.