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 (brə-găn′zə) also Bra·gan·ça (-gäN′sä)
A dynasty of Portuguese rulers (1640-1910) who also controlled Brazil (1822-1889).
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That way, we also increase our sales,' station manager Braggy Braganza said.
Bee was the daughter of Tito Ger Ruiz and Tita Guia Montemayor Ruiz, who is one of the daughters of Lola Amparo Ungson Montemayor, sister of our maternal lola, Emilia Ungson Braganza.
Australia has been looking at an increased frequency of heatwaves and other extremes that have been positively associated with climate change," bureau spokesman Karl Braganza said.
The study has found examples of monks teaching works of Catholic controversy in the schools they ran, and illicit Benedictine publications being held within the personal collection of Catherine Braganza, the wife of King Charles II.
After Charles II's restoration, her served as chaplain to Henrietta Maria, Charles I's wife,and Catherine Braganza, Charles II's wife.
Catherine of Braganza, wife of English monarch Charles II, was said to have introduced which cutlery item to the dining tables of England?
Students who scored Grade A1 were: Neha Chinnu Idiculla, Kripa Anne Tharakan, Amrutha Murali, Tarun Thaliath, Anirudh Narayanan Suresh, Keerthika Prabhala, S Aditya, Aayat Rajjak Sheikh, Frajon Brito Braganza, Ashley Anna Tom, Abhishek Joseph, Parichey Sharma, Akash Ganesamurthy and Keith Anthony Carvalho.
Raquedan's colleague, Barbara Braganza, who hails from the Philippines, said it will be interesting to see if people abide by the laws now these inspectors are set to hit the streets.
Shortlisted candidates included The Oberoi director of marketing and communications Alisha Arora, Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha PR & marketing manager Carol Braganza, Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, sales director Ryan Coffey, and InterContinental Jeddah sales manager Saber Merry.
Many statisticians, out of frustration, have left cricket [ for lack of encouragement]," Braganza told M AIL T ODAY .
The film was produced by Angelo Braganza of Goa Folklore Productions.