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Noun1.Brage - (Norse mythology) god of poetry and music; son of Odin
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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When minnows Al-Dhafra scored two first-half goals to beat Al-Jazira 2-1, Brazilian coach Abel Brage knew his time at the club was over.
Brage infill drilling underway: the drilling of the first of two production wells has commenced
Brage afronta el reto, y consigue no solo explicar bien en que consiste la templanza, sino tambien mostrar su verdadero rostro, un rostro hermoso, simpatico, atractivo, como el de todas las virtudes.
However, when a person was confronted with a novel testing situation, anxious emotion would probably arise and influence his or her test performance (Spielberger & Vagg, 1995; Wenemark, Persson, Brage, Svensson & Kristenson, 2011).
BRAGE GOLDING (San Diego State University), 96, was the fifth president of San Diego State, a chemical engineer, and an Army veteran.
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Faroe has a very active drilling programme ahead and it currently has interests in six principal producing oil and gas fields in the UK and Norway, including interests in the Schooner and Ketch gas fields and Blane oil field in the UK, and interests in the producing Njord, Brage and Ringhorne East fields in Norway.
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