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He was almost a skeleton when they put him on board the Ramchunder East Indiaman, Captain Bragg, from Calcutta, touching at Madras, and so weak and prostrate that his friend who had tended him through his illness prophesied that the honest Major would never survive the voyage, and that he would pass some morning, shrouded in flag and hammock, over the ship's side, and carrying down to the sea with him the relic that he wore at his heart.
There were no ladies on board; the Major gave the pas of precedency to the civilian, so that he was the first dignitary at table, and treated by Captain Bragg and the officers of the Ramchunder with the respect which his rank warranted.
He larked with the midshipmen, played single-stick with the mates, ran up the shrouds like a boy, sang a comic song one night to the amusement of the whole party assembled over their grog after supper, and rendered himself so gay, lively, and amiable that even Captain Bragg, who thought there was nothing in his passenger, and considered he was a poor-spirited feller at first, was constrained to own that the Major was a reserved but well-informed and meritorious officer.
With Wimbledon tennis fortnight just starting, why not celebrate by tucking into some delicious strawberry and cream tarts from Braggs - we have 100 boxes of 4 to give away!
Larry Braggs was taken to hospital after the accident on Saturday.
However, the "sovereign" actions by Lawrence and Delois Braggs are delaying their eviction by U.S.
Yes, The Evening Telegraph has teamed up with with your favourite bakers, Braggs, to offer you the chance to buy two delicious jam doughnuts for the price of one.
23: Lawrence and Delois Braggs obtain a $656,000 mortgage from Fremont Investment & Loan of Brea, Calif.
Larry Braggs had the accident during their performance on Saturday.
The 5,608-SF home of Lawrence and Delois Braggs in the Sorrells Road neighborhood appears to be vacated, with a lockbox on the front door.
Let us begin this brief history of the Braggs by looking at the scientific discoveries that underpin their work.
The Two Braggs exhibition marks the centenary of the publication of research in 1913 by William Henry Bragg and his son William Lawrence which gave birth to the field of X-ray crystallography - still a vital tool used today to discover new drugs to treat diseases.