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Any of several ancient Hindu religious prose texts that explain the relationship of the Vedas to the sacrificial ceremonies.

[Sanskrit Brāhmaṇam, from neuter of brāhmaṇa-, brahminical; see Brahman.]
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(Hinduism) Hinduism any of a number of sacred treatises added to each of the Vedas
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Noun1.Brahmana - prose works attached to the Samhitas instructing the bahmins to perform the very elaborate sacrificial rituals
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The association is also known as Kerala Brahmana Sabha.
96), Jacques Derrida on Greek ritual to decode the Brahmana story of Cyavana (p.
Meanwhile, an Indian trooper committed suicide by shooting himself in Bari Brahmana military station in Jammu.
During Ayurvedic consultation, the therapist examines the root cause of the ailment and prescribes treatments that are either Sodhana therapy for cleansing of metabolic wastes, Samana therapy for therapeutic benefits or Brahmana therapy for body rejuvenation." The Coral Residence Tower, Fujairah is located in the heart of the city.
The Shatapatha Brahmana tells us: "Sacrifice has only one sure foundation, only one destination, the heavenly realm!"
Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA), said that 'karma', the web of cause and effect and the rule of universal causality resulting from action, was first commented in ancient Satapatha Brahmana, and forms one of the basic principles of Hindu philosophy.
Brahmana Any of a number of prose commentaries attached to the Vedas, the most ancient Hindu sacred literature.
Brahmanas learned in the Vedas regard a-virtuous Sudra as a model of a Brahmana himself.