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1. also Brah·ma (-mə) Hinduism
a. The divine and absolute power of being that is the source and sustainer of the universe.
b. The divine universal consciousness pervading the universe and sustaining the souls of individual persons; Atman.
c. A religious formula or prayer and the holy or sacred power in it and in the officiating priest.
2. Variant of Brahmin..
3. also Brah·ma (-mə) or Brah·min (-mĭn) Any of a breed of beef cattle developed in the southern United States from stock originating in India and having a hump between the shoulders and a pendulous dewlap. They can tolerate heat and are often used for crossbreeding.
Variant of Brahmin.

[Sanskrit brahma, brahmaṇ-. Senses 2 and 3, from Sanskrit brāhmaṇa-, Brahmanic, from brahmā, brahmaṇ-, Brahman; see Brahma1.]

Brah·man′ic (-măn′ĭk), Brah·man′i·cal adj.
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The increasing Brahmanic influence from the 6th to 8th century, in and from the Kabul region and further south, is well documented by many Hindu statues preserved in the Kabul Museum.
His formal coronation on Saturday, involving a series of elaborate, centuries-old rituals rooted in Buddhist and Brahmanic traditions, established his status as a fully fledged monarch with complete regal powers.
There Phra Pho Pan consecrated her as a hermit in a Brahmanic rite of 'embodying the teacher' (khrop khu).
In local discourse, they may also denote indigenous animist or so-called Brahmanic traditions.
A* Establish National Psy Ops Cell to meet the challenges of foreign subversion and to accentuate vulnerabilities of India.A* Cultivate elements within India critical of Indian govt Kashmir policy to build pressure and change Brahmanic mindset of Atoot Ang.
However, I would like to point out that throughout history Brahmanic patriarchy has committed itself to the perpetuation of a single archetype of Indian family, the extended or joint family, in detriment of other more varied family units that also appear in the ancient text.
Patanjali's Classical Yoga philosophy is one of the six orthodox Hindu philosophies sitting right at the heart of Brahmanic culture in India.
She alleged that it's an irony that Communists are also Brahmanic in their attitude and approaches.
By the eighth century BC, the old agrarian social order had given way to an urbanized culture that challenged Brahmanic traditions of caste and gender, raising new questions of meaning and ethics (Sponberg, 1992).
In this way they criticise the Hindu religious tradition and rejects all their essential attributes like 'idol worship; Gods and Goddesses; Vedas and Law Code; belief in rebirth; Brahmanic rites, ceremonies and sacrifices; and the entire Verna and Jati-endangered hierarchical relations' (Khare, 1984: 17).
Boldly criticizing and campaigning against the Brahmanic hegemony and the upper caste-cruelties inflicted on lower castes, he established temples and educational institutions for dalit-emancipation.
These became important in marriages, he says, so they were incorporated into the literature of Dharmasastra, the brahmanic system of laws and customs.