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or braill·er  (brā′lər)
A machine similar to a typewriter, used for printing in Braille. Also called Braillewriter.


1. a device for producing text in Braille
2. a person who transcribes or creates Braille. Also called: braillewriter
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CHRISTMAS has come early for little Eryn Kirkpatrick who wrote her first letter to Santa with her new brailler.
And now the visually-impaired sevenyear-old is enjoying them even more thanks to a new state-of-the-art brailler imported from America.
And now the visually impaired seven-year-old is enjoying them even more thanks to a new state-ofthe-art Brailler imported from America.
He has also created Virtual Brailler, an e-book reader for blind people which can convert written text to braille as it scans across a text.
Here are but a few examples: "et passant dans son cabinet avec le plus vieux des fouteurs, Therese et la Desgranges, on l'entendit brailler quelques minutes apres, sans qu'il [Durcet] voulut au retour faire part a la compagnie des exces auxquels il venait de se livrer.
Morgan was presented the award for his work on the Perkins' SMART Brailler, a new interactive learning tool designed to help people who are blind learn to read and write more independently.
1,000 perkins brailler machines have been sold across the UAE.
21 March 2008: Hans Dietrich Buder, Hannah Catherine Craddock, Catherine Leigh Daniel, Jonathan Ashbrook Detzel, Tyler Dahlin Evans, Nathan Samuel Freiman, Carrie Michelle Gantt, Joseph Owen Gehrett, III, Nathaniel Zachary Goodman, David Andrew Graham, Joshua David Hager, Kerrigan Ashe Hanna, Alexandra Mallory Jones, Paul Conrad Lauerman, Claire Helen Lauterbach, Jay Samuel Levin, Peter Brailler Lorimer, Katherine C.
Brailler is the federal government's point person charged with spurring adoption of health information systems.