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or braill·er  (brā′lər)
A machine similar to a typewriter, used for printing in Braille. Also called Braillewriter.


1. a device for producing text in Braille
2. a person who transcribes or creates Braille. Also called: braillewriter
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Catholic Relief Services C Lesotho: Improve the reading outcomes of children with low vision/blindness through the use of the Mountbatten Pro Brailler (MB Pro) and the Jot-a-Dot portable Brailler.
Morgan was presented the award for his work on the Perkins' SMART Brailler, a new interactive learning tool designed to help people who are blind learn to read and write more independently.
1,000 perkins brailler machines have been sold across the UAE.
Brailler is the federal government's point person charged with spurring adoption of health information systems.
The resource base is crucial to Roy's exam progress as they translate his textbooks and study aids into braille and Roy uses a brailler, a typewriter like machine that writes in braille so he can read it back.
White visited the children at BHMS to show them how a cane is used, let them type words on a Brailler, and answer questions.
Both the above mentioned braille programs include a method of writing braille, using either a slate and stylus and/or the Perkins Brailler (see table).
The Marathon Brailler outputs 200 characters per second for $12,995.
The students use specialized equipment such as a brailler, computers with synthesized speech, a machine that converts print into tactual vibration, and talking-book cassette players.
What PDT did was bring new technology together with an established Brailler to make it easy to learn braille, with the goal of empowering people who are blind to lead full and fulfilling lives.