or braille·writ·er  (brāl′rī′tər)
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Braille was her primary literacy medium and, as of January 14, 2014, she was showing progress with writing single braille letters on a Perkins braillewriter. She had documented developmental delays.
The table was an appropriate height for all students and had enough surface area to accommodate study materials (i.e., rubber mat, Braillewriter, and audio recorder).
Provide a braillewriter, slate 36.8 0 0 0 63.2 and stylus for "scribbling" and early Braille writing.
A six-key machine, called a braillewriter, can be used to write in braille.
In the biography of Helen Keller, for example, one chapter has definition boxes for Emanuel Swendenborg and the Braillewriter. While the number of chapters may vary, each book has a timeline, a bibliography and suggested places to visit for further study.
The last items I was given were a Mountbatten Braillewriter and SAL [speechassisted learning].
In weeks two and three, students were given demonstrations of the braillewriter and slate and stylus.
Kay enjoyed using the braillewriter, and could use it to type 11 letters of the alphabet.
We focused on activities such as scribbling on the braillewriter together, tracking a line of braille, sorting strips of "lines" and "broken lines," and reading braille and tactile books together.
T-tests were conducted to determine if statistical differences existed between the number of errors on the transcriptions of participants who prepared their transcriptions with braille translation software and those who prepared their transcriptions with a Perkins braillewriter. No significant differences were found among the groups on any of the five worksheets for any category.
Each word was written in contracted braille on a 5 x 7-inch note card using a Perkins braillewriter. The top right corner of each note card was removed.
This setup often required creative use of desk space in order to accommodate his braille textbooks and braillewriter.