Brain box

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the bony or cartilaginous case inclosing the brain.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I just wonder who the brain box was who first thought of introducing the proposed speed limit, anyone want to own up and receive the public plaudits?
Lawrence said that Israel, Simsola and Victor conspired and unlawfully damaged a car marked WE 872 AAA, and stole its brain box, stereo player and battery, all valued at N109,500.
He is, after all, TV's official brain box. But a few minutes into this captivating documentary you realise Dara is the right man for the job.
In 2007, Deborah received the CPHVA Education and Development Trust's Mac Queen Award for Excellence in Practice for her work in developing 'Brain Box', a visual resource designed to help children and adults handle times of great stress.
However, if nothing else, it made the mighty brain box hone his skills even more.
Brain box: Scarlett Johansson as Lucy RELEASED here in February 1995, the Jean Reno/Natalie Portman thriller Leon will never be bettered for powerful action by its writer, director and producer Luc Besson.
Brain Box meeting rooms come with bean bags, lounge chairs and cushions, adjustable lights, plexi-glass walls to write on, brain games and charts to help ideate.
You'll love it - not a little (get it?) but a lot 9 WISH LIST Stylish winter essentials to keep you warm and lots of other gorgeous stuff 10&11 AWAYDAYS A road trip to San Diego and Los Angeles plus last minute deals to whisk you away from this atrocious weather 14&16 TV CHOICE Everybody's favourite brain box, Professor Brian Cox, takes us on a new voyage of discover in his new series, Wonders of Life 17-23 TV LISTINGS Your 7-day television listings guide starts here.
The second is the 'Brain Box' - a breakout room for participating hotels designed to elevate efficiency and to stimulate creativity.