Brain box

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the bony or cartilaginous case inclosing the brain.

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BRAIN BOX Goldie is a Mensa member with an IQ of at least 132
However, if nothing else, it made the mighty brain box hone his skills even more.
Brain Box meeting rooms come with bean bags, lounge chairs and cushions, adjustable lights, plexi-glass walls to write on, brain games and charts to help ideate.
but a lot 9 WISH LIST Stylish winter essentials to keep you warm and lots of other gorgeous stuff 10&11 AWAYDAYS A road trip to San Diego and Los Angeles plus last minute deals to whisk you away from this atrocious weather 14&16 TV CHOICE Everybody's favourite brain box, Professor Brian Cox, takes us on a new voyage of discover in his new series, Wonders of Life 17-23 TV LISTINGS Your 7-day television listings guide starts here.
The Brain Box is equipped with a flexible furniture layout with movable lounge chairs and cushions, as well as adjustable light systems and special tools like plexi-glass walls to write on.
The Brain Box is equipped with a flexible furniture layout like movable lounge chairs and cushions, with adjustable light systems, and special tools like plexi-glass walls to write on.
Not even class brain box David 'Three Jobs' Laws, resurrected after a scandal over his expenses, and now licensed to meddle in education, cabinet policy and coalition forward planning, can save the day for a leader staring into the abyss of political oblivion.
An appearance on Newsnight has left her with the belief she's a brain box.
On this occasion, the Kund Park was packed with visiting families whereas; the TCKP, Brain Box and Kund Park management had set up numerous stalls of food items, clothing and other items.
15pm) This increasingly popular game show plays host to a gaggle of celebrities tonight as Sue Cleaver, John Thompson, Paul Ross and brain box Carol Vorderman pit their wits against The Chaser to try and win some cash for their individual charities.
It will never tell you who is a brain box and who isn't.
The exclusive Brain Box includes fault indicators for numerous safety functions, monitors voltage and current draw, and warns of improper grounding.