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n.1.A kettle or pan for braising.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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How clever of Romano's to serve its pile of red meat, white flour, and cheese in a huge "braiser" dish.
Shown on QVC's "Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn" and "In the Kitchen with David" broadcasts, the line was well received, and within hours, the Timeless Beauty 5-quart braiser (in teal and linen) along with the Garden Meadow jumbo mug set were sold out.
Laminated tufa deposits suggest seasonal depositional variations in cyanobacterial growth phases (Andrews and Brasier, 2005, Braiser et al.
"Pollan's apprenticeships as a pig roaster, braiser, baker, fermenter and brewer are detailed enough yet cursory when compared with Bill Buford's 2006 Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany.
( The Braiser reached out to the newspaper, which initially denied knowledge of such a fete.
This line features a 7-quart Dutch oven, 6-quart oval roaster, 3.5-quart dutch oven, 9 x9-inch baker, 9 x13-inch baker, braiser pan and 10-ounce mini cocottes.
Stravinsky's The Firebird, Petrushka (a Pinocchio-esque tale) and Le Braiser de la fee (based on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen and in a way his homage to Tchaikovsky) are being performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet on October 21 and 22 at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Vallero and Braiser (Duke U.) examine green engineering concepts by focusing on the scientific principles that facilitate the need for sustainable design in architecture, civil engineering and other applications.
The collection includes three saucepan sizes; a cheffs pan; a 3-quart saute pan; three sizes of frying pans, two of which are available as non-stick as well as stainless; a 5-quart braiser; a pasta pot with insert; three sizes of casseroles; and an eight-piece set.
South Sefton Borough (Sean Roberts, Christian Braiser) lost 5-3 to Sefton Taddies (Johnathan Rimmer 2, Peter Murray, Ryan Taafe, Kieran Hore), while Luke Durham's treble for Jawbone (Luke McClean, Alex Sheperd) saw them beat Five Lamps (Michael Wilson, Joe Dawson, Patrick Melia) 5-3 in the under-12s.
Totesport: 7-4 Chaddy The Owl, 8 Braiser The Bear, Foxy Kularoos Raiders, 14 Captain Canary, Hugo The Hound, 16 Billy Blood Drop, Bumble Bee, Brewster The Bear, Spike Safety Hedgehog, Superhound, 20 bar.
Braiser and his colleagues report the Chinese locale and other sites in Asia share a similar chemical marker.