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n.1.See Braise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Five minutes later, Sharks were on the offensive again, goalkeeper Odhiambo punching Nixon Omondi's cross intended for Duke Abuya, before reacting fast to gather the ball.The hosts responded from a free-kick moments later when Mukisa Junior sent a cross to Edwin Omondi but his feeble shot was cleared, before Gambareko failed to tap in after he was teed up by Braize Nkolo.
Jobita, however, confirmed the signing of five players among them Ugandan duo Joel Abaliwano from Kakamega Homeboyz and Braize Nkolo from Nairobi Stima.
Braize Trainer: Ger Hourigan 6th in a 2m maiden hurdle at Punchestown on February 17 After Annie Power's appearance hot on the heels of the news that Faugheen will miss Cheltenham, nothing from last Wednesday's Punchestown meeting was going to gain much traction in news terms, but a couple of horses showed promise and should pay to follow.
Sarkino-sovietiniu konkursu nuolatiniu dalyviu -dueto atsiradimo istorija byloja butent apie kurybines autonomijos nepalankiomis tuometines realybes salygomis sieki: "<...> du jaunuoliai vakarais vis dazniau diskutuodavo, braize ir visaip bande savo ir vienas kito jegas ieskant savarankisko poziurio i architektura.
Techninius projektus braize statybos technikai, diplomuoti statybos inzinieriai, diplomuoti inzinieriai-architektai, kulturtechnikai.
The other burned Britons were identified by Turkish authorities as Shona Allan, 13, Moiba Allan, 48, and 20-year-old Daniel John Braize.
Byproducts of the steel production cycle include tar, light oil, ammonia, sludges and dusts, fines such as lime and pellet fines, mill scale and coke braize. They are all up for sale for those who see the financial opportunity, he says.
Between the wedding and feast there was a race on foot or on horseback known as "running the broose" or "braize".