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 (brə-män′tā, brä-män′tĕ), Donato 1444-1514.
Italian architect who evolved the style known as High Renaissance. He provided the original central plan for the new Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.


(Italian braˈmante)
(Biography) Donato (doˈnato). ?1444–1514, Italian architect and artist of the High Renaissance. He modelled his designs for domed centrally planned churches on classical Roman architecture


(brəˈmɑn teɪ)

Donato d'Agnolo, 1444–1514, Italian architect and painter.
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Noun1.Bramante - great Italian architect of the High Renaissance in Italy (1444-1514)Bramante - great Italian architect of the High Renaissance in Italy (1444-1514)
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Designed principally by Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, St.
To test that last hypothesis one need only walk on a couple of rooms to see the fragment of a curious fresco executed in Milan in the mid 1490s by Leonardo's close friend Donato Bramante.
Pasar una aguja larga enhebrada en bramante por la segunda articulacion del ala, atravesando el cuerpo hasta el otro ala, y hacer lo mismo atravesando el cuerpo por las patas, atar los extremos del bramante.
2/F Bramante Piazza, Renaissance Ceneter, Meralco Ave.
unos versos del poema "Nombres de tela" ilustran la idea: "Vestidos de charmeuse/ camisas de mezclilla/ y sabanas de bramante,/ esponjadas como las nubes,/ aguardaban en la tienda.
After describing their unique paths to becoming educators, Bramante (from poor high school student to honored Plymouth State U.
The tour will also include access to certain locked rooms in the Vatican Museums, including the secret Niccoline Chapel, decorated with frescoes and gilded with gold, and the famous Bramante spiral staircase.
Chef IvanAAEs professional career began after he obtained a Diploma in Culinary and Kitchen Management from the Excelsior Della Valle, Ponte di Legano in Italy and a higher degree in Tourism and Management from the Bramante Institute in Milan, Italy.
Given that the mortgage industry remains one of the "last bastions of highly manual processes," mortgage industry executives should be open to new opportunities, but the major barrier to eMortgage is ignorance of the process and of the benefits, said Carmelo Bramante, founder and managing director of CBC Consultancy LLC, Washington, D.
Few would dispute Brunelleschi's influence on Bramante, but if Michelozzo's work or the paintings of Filippo Lippi are relevant, this connection needs better elucidation.
Police in Sumirago, Italy, said they had arrested Italian-Canadian Joseph Bramante.