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n.1.(Zool.) The lancelet. See Amphioxus.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A list of the lancelets of the world with diagnoses of five new species of Branchiostoma. Occas.
The hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_118903 found by us in the proteome of Branchiostoma floridae (subtype Cephalochordata) is similar to different proteins forming the SC transversal filaments.
Among the chordates, Branchiostoma, the lancet or amphioxus, has a single skeletal element, the notochord.
Clade I contains HeCAl, HeCA12, and CAs from 3 non-annelidan species, Lottia gigantea, Acropora millepora, and Branchiostoma floridae; Clade II contains HeCA12 and CAs from 2 other annelid species, Riftia pachyptila and Capitella teleta; Clade III contains HeCA7 and CAs from 2 other species, Lottia gigantea and Capitella teleta; and Clade IV contains HeCA9 and CAs from 3 non-annelidan species, Trichoplax adhaerens, Acropora millepora, and Branchiostoma floridae.
The three ParaHox genes (Gsx, Xlox, and Cdx) were first described as a gene cluster in the amphioxus Branchiostoma floridae (Hubbs, 1922) by Brooke et al.
Conversely, molecular cloning of [CB.sub.1]/[CB.sub.2] receptor orthologs has produced positive results only in urochordates (the sea squirt, Ciona intestinalis), in cephalochordata (the amphioxus, Branchiostoma floridae), in nonmammalian vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds), and in mammals, with duplication of [CB.sub.1] or [CB.sub.2] genes found in fish [49-51].
6 124 10 224 Chordata Branchiostoma platae 90 23 Total 76 162 2381 98 503 965 Autumn Winter GI GII GIII GI GII GIII Polychaeta Chone insularis 34 16 144 Exogone arenosa 3 11 51 21 664 Aricidea taylori 2 10 12 2 60 237 Neanthes bruaca 9 18 24 48 Magelona posterenlongata 3 28 18 12 56 Lumbrinereis tetraura 1 20 187 1 2 105 Cirrophorus americanus 26 2 48 21 8 Mollusca Caecum striatum 192 Caecum pulchellum Corbula caribea 2 2 70 4 13 67 Sipuncula Aspidosiphon gosnoldi 50 100 Crustacea Microphoxus cornutus 7 Phoxocephalopsis zimmeri 24 Ampelisciphotis podophthalma 1 69 4 Apanthura sp.
0-25 O M F Ostracoda 25-1,075 NA NA NA Ophiuroidea 25-150 NA NA NA Amphioxiformes Branchiostoma 0-25 FF NA B lanceolatum NA: not available.
On the reactions of Branchiostoma nigeriense Webb to its environment.
The top BLASTP hits to both the nucleocapsid and reverse transcriptase were annotated as hypothetical protein from Branchiostoma floridae (Cephalochordata) and RT from Aplysia californica, respectively.
fornicata with those of amphioxus (i.e., Branchiostoma spp.) and ascidians that do produce a mucous net that covers their branchial basket.
The cephalochordates are represented by the lancelets (also known as amphioxus in old literature), with about 29 valid species in two genera: Branchiostoma and Epigonychthys (Poss & Boschung 1996).