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 (brăn-ko͞o′zē, bräng-ko͞osh′), Constantin 1876-1957.
Romanian-born sculptor who settled in Paris in 1904. He broke sharply with the realist tradition, making abstract sculptures, chiefly in metal and stone, of great geometric simplicity.


(bræŋˈkuːzɪ; Romanian briŋˈkuʃj)
(Biography) Constantin (konstanˈtin). 1876–1957, Romanian sculptor, noted for his streamlined abstractions of animal forms


(brɑŋˈku zi)

Constantin, 1876–1957, Romanian sculptor.
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Noun1.Brancusi - Romanian sculptor noted for abstractions of animal forms (1876-1957)
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We have chosen to pay on this special day a humble homage to one of the titans of our culture the Romanian (and universal) artist Constantin Brancusi," saidDan Iancu.
I was constantly looking at a lot of sculptures, like Brancusi and Elsa Peretti.
Centre Pompidou Paris is a primary partner of Louvre Abu Dhabi, to which it loans twenty five masterpieces including famed Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky paintings, as well as Giacometti, Brancusi or Choucair Saloua Raouda sculptures, or more contempory artists as Zhang Huan, for its opening on 11 November, 2017.
The resulting pieces bring to mind the work of Constantin Brancusi or Richard Meier rather than classic feminine confections, an effect Assad credits to looking toward architecture and fine art for ideas on "scale, gravity, and the relationship between positive and negative space," she says.
and Friedrich Cramer (1993), and in view of revelations such as those provided to us by brilliant personalities like Henri Coanda, Constantin Brancusi or Aldous Huxley, artistic and scientific creativity are bound to unite their ways, which have been artificially separated basically since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment with a view to overspecialization.
La muse endormie, conceived 1909-10, cast 1913, Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957), patinated bronze with gold leaf, length 26.
Much like the work of Brancusi, the Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer who is considered a pioneer of modernism and one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century, there is "an ease and simplicity to Andrew's designs, which rely on pure, elegant forms and modernist details rather than glitzy embellishments alone to create visual impact".
Estas ideas las habia oido Modigliani del santon de la escultura Constantin Brancusi, que lo desvio de la pintura, con mucho acierto, hacia la talla directa en piedra.
Quiza Noguchi no haya sido el escultor de los "momentos" brillantes, de los grandes hallazgos formales --como Brancusi o Julio Gonzalez.
Both Joyce and Brancusi were in Paris in the early 1920's.
Abu Dhabi: For the first time at Abu Dhabi Art fair (ADA), sculptures of Constantin Brancusi are seen alongside artworks by other artists.
Ruf, Sartre, Beardsely, Lessing, Caroll, and Brancusi are subjects here.